LS Tractors XP8101 2
MT7101CPS 8

Our top-of-the-line MT7 Series is available with 101 horsepower and includes an ergonomic and spacious cab.  Premium features such as a standard instructor’s seat, Goodyear LSW tires, two rear remotes, and superior lift capacities for both the front-loader and three-point hitch come standard.  

dumbbell iconLOADER LIFT CAPACITY 5,139 lbs. tractor iconHITCH LIFT 8,378 lbs.
lightning iconENGINE HP 100.6 HP tractor wheel iconPTO HP 85.5 HP


LS Tractors MT350E 1
MT345HE Lifestyle 8

The MT3E Series provides a variety of horsepower ratings and transmissions to accommodate any customers needs.  Those customers requiring value and power will find plenty of both in this robust series of LS tractor.  

dumbbell iconLOADER LIFT CAPACITY 2,229 lbs. tractor iconHITCH LIFT 2,910 lbs.
lightning iconENGINE HP 45.0 HP tractor wheel iconPTO HP 36.0 – 38.2 HP


MT225S Lifestyle 8

The MT2s provides a premium level compact tractor to customers wishing to have a high-performing and a highly featured compact tractor.  The multitude of standard premium features include premium seat, two pedal hydrostatic transmission, flat operator platform, high- capacity loader and three-point hitch.  

dumbbell iconLOADER LIFT CAPACITY 1,067 lbs. tractor iconHITCH LIFT 1,896 lbs.
lightning iconENGINE HP 24.7 HP tractor wheel iconPTO HP 19.3 HP


LS Tractors MT125 2

The MT1 Sub-compact incorporates a user-friendly ergonomic design into a robust and quality tractor.  The MT1 standard features provide an exceptional operator experience in a variety of applications.  

dumbbell iconLOADER LIFT CAPACITY 1,005 lbs. tractor icon3-POINT LIFT 966 lbs.
lightning iconENGINE HP 24.7 HP tractor wheel iconPTO HP 17.2 HP


MT5 Tractor
MT573CPS Style de vie 8

The MT5 Series is available in an ergonomically designed 73 horsepower cab model.  The MT573 features premium features such as premium seat, flat operator platform, and many other features ensuring operator comfort.  Additionally, the overall capacity of this tractor provides unsurpassed efficiency.  Comes with a Power Shuttle Transmission that enables fast and efficient directional changes.  

dumbbell iconLOADER LIFT CAPACITY 3,626 lbs. tractor icon3-POINT LIFT 6,614 lbs.
lightning iconENGINE HP 73.0 HP tractor wheel iconPTO HP 62.0 HP


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